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Our tutors cover high yield concepts for USMLE STEP 2/3/ CCSE (COMP) exam with detailed discussions on diagnoses, treatments, etc.

Student Reviews

We have reviews that come in from students who have had a successful journey with us almost every day!

We can help you get the score you want

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“I am truly grateful to Dr. Simpson and Dr. Zarnoth for their help during this journey. They throughly explained high yield concepts to make me feel prepared for the USMLE step 2 CK exam. They were there to answer any further questions I might have and to help me navigate through different differential diagnosis’ that I may have been confused of. They helped me to get over a 30 point increase between my step 1 and step 2. Thank you Top MD for all your help, y’all are the BEST!”


We can help increase your chances of matching

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“I’m grateful for going through Top MD, not only did I pass comp first time around but got a significantly higher score on step 2 than step 1 which I believe will certainly increase my chances in matching. Brandon and Matt were friendly and passionate about catering the sessions on the “got ya” questions to make me more confident and thorough on studying. I recommend not only sitting through their sessions but doing 100% what they recommend outside the sessions.”


A very touching email we received

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Reminds us that this journey into medicine is never easy, but resilience brings success.

-Neveen From Xavier University

We tutor high yield information

“I really enjoyed my 4 weeks with Top MD tutors, Dr. Zarnoth and Dr. Simpson preparing for step 2 CK. Each session covered the most high yield concepts and test taking strategies. My favorite part of tutoring was reviewing the most commonly asked questions! In our sessions, I was able to ask questions and it really felt like the tutoring was catered specifically to me, addressing both my strengths and weaknesses. Both tutors are really a joy to learn from, they are extremely pleasant and always willing to help. In addition to my tutoring sessions, they recommended plenty of practice exams to help test my progress. I was able to see a 30 point increase from my step 1 score! I would highly recommend these tutoring services!”

-Sierra from Trinity School of Medicine

We are worth it

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“I must say Top MD was worth every penny. I was in a crunch time for the USMLE step 2 CK and Dr. Simpson and Dr. Brandon made sure to fit in all our sessions before my exam date. The sessions really emphasized high yield material coupled with important test taking facts that really made a huge difference for me during my exam. I am happy to say I received a 230+ and got a family medicine interview because of my CK score! Thank you Top MD for helping me move forward in my medical career!”


Don’t let CCSE/Step 2 CK defeat you

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“If you’re thinking about it, just do it because Top MD Tutor really helped me. We all know that AUA comp can make or break you but my only regret is not signing up with Top MD tutor when I first reached out to them. I am just grateful that going through the Top MD tutor course with Brandon, Matt, and Farah prepared me to pass comp and pass Step 2 two weeks after. I am happy to be graduating with my class. I’m taking this as a blessing in disguise because I believe I will match where my heart desires next year. Use Top MD Tutor and really focus and follow their plan. You can do this.”


Ask about our After Hours Program

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“When I took CCSE for the second time, I received a 226. It scared me enough to reach out to Farah and she instantly scheduled meetings with Brandon and Matt. Brandon did well to break down high yield information and made sure he clarified everything I was confused about. Matt helped with test taking strategies and guiding my thought process with questions. It was all interactive, which was the best part! I signed up for the After Hours course with Farah. She broke down certain topics even more and pushed me to keep doing practice NBMEs. We would then go over the questions I got wrong, which I believe was the final push for me to do well and pass! Reviewing the notes from Brandon and Farah while also applying Matt’s test taking strategies ultimately did wonders for me. They never give up on you and their prices were fair. Don’t hesitate to contact them if your’e stressed about CCSE or Step! Thank you guys for all your help!”

-Student from American University of Antigua School of Medicine

We celebrate with you

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-Albery from American University of Antigua School of Medicine

We are always available

“When I first started working with Dr. Matthew Simpson, I was so intimidated because he was so intelligent! When we would do practice questions, I was afraid to answer them because I was afraid of being wrong. I lacked confidence. I began working with Dr. Simpson during my Pediatrics core rotation and also during my OBGYN core rotation.

During our first session, Dr. Simpson taught me how to master concepts instead of just memorizing buzzwords. Not only did I see an improvement in my UWorld MCQ, but my shelf exam scores also increased. Dr. Simpson worked with my schedule and was available anytime I had questions. That still holds true today! I can reach out to him if I have questions about anything. Working with Dr. Simpson has not only helped me build confidence but has set me up to succeed in future exams, thanks to Dr. Simpson’s services.”

-Shanda N. League

We will guide you

“I didn’t think I would make it!I only had 4 weeks to study for my internal medicine shelf and Dr. Farah truly dedicated her time and expertise to helping me achieve my goal. I appreciate how she clarified concepts I kept getting wrong on my NBME practice exams and provided exam strategies and time management insights. At first, I was reluctant to let go of my old habits and was very anxious since I only had 4 wks!!! But once I started following her guidance, I definitely felt more confident. Schedule your session, don’t wait until the last minute.

-Eudith Januario

We will prepare you

“I worked with Dr. Brandon Zarnoth during my CCSE prep. I found out about his services a week before my exam so we only had 6-days to be prepared. Dr. Zarnoth managed to work with my schedule and was able to provide me with enough time to review major concepts for the exam. Before meeting with him, I was scoring in the 220s on the NBME practice self-assessments. After only two sessions with him, I was able to score a 243. He really takes his time to explain concepts instead of just getting you to memorize, which I appreciated greatly since I am a student that has to understand “why” in order for me to remember concepts. I can now focus on studying for STEP2 CK. If I found Dr. Zarnoth’s services sooner I would’ve done even better on my exam, but I am very happy with my score. I will DEFINITELY continue working with Dr. Zarnoth for Step 2 CK & Step 3. You seriously will not regret using his services.”

- Mia Monk

Pass on your first attempt

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“I want to give a big thank you to Top MD tutors, they helped me achieve a very high score on CCSE on my first attempt. I was overjoyed with my score. It never crossed my mind that I could score that high. They helped me focus on high yield material, use my time wisely, and taught me how to approach questions and answer them right. They are encouraging and create an atmosphere that makes you comfortable to ask questions and address anything you might be struggling with. It was a good investment, that brought high rewards.”

- Student From American University of Antigua

We are patient

“Dr. Matthew Simpson is an amazing tutor. He possesses strong qualities such as patience, intelligence, and wit. He is passionate about his work. He creates an environment like a buddy system along with support that is unwavering.

Before I met Dr. Simpson I was barely making a decent step 2 CK score on assessments and struggling to make sense of medicine on my own. Dr. Simpson made medicine simple. He always went to the root of the concepts and expanded on each topic to ensure that I understood what we were discussing. His method of deciphering MCQ’s ensured that I completed my tests in a timely fashion.

I increased my Step 2 Ck score by 35 points based on my self-assessments. Today I am a physician and on my way to becoming one of the best Ophthalmologists. He is the greatest tutor hands down.”

-Jenelle Allen

We tutor but also like to have fun during sessions

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“Before I discovered Top MD, I was having a difficult time passing the CCSE. After working with both Dr. Zarnoth and Dr. Simpson for 4 weeks my CCSE score went up 30 points! Dr. Zarnoth made sure I understood the concepts being tested and Dr. Simpson made sure I was able to interpret them in a question vignette. Both were phenomenal teachers and took time out to answer any questions or concerns I had. The sessions were fun and interactive, but super informative. There were no grey areas in any of the session and both Dr. Zarnoth and Dr. Simpson made it a priority to only focus on relevant details pertaining to both CCSE and the USMLE Step 2 CK. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone preparing for CCSE/USMLE Step 2 CK.” 

-Athwal Student from Xavier University SOM Aruba